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NaamGrégory Ruzé
Laurent Didier
Ludovic Pelissier
Mathias Duroy
Richard Perès
Sébastian Garcia
Functielive act, groep
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It is the dawn of a new era. Hilight Tribe is breaking new ground with their Live Natural Trance, an explosive new sound that is blowing up dance floors from Paris to Tokyo.

For ten years now, the 'Tribe" has been sharing their acoustic trance music and their lifestyle that is simultaneously close to the Earth and conscious of modern technology. With their 6 albums, 4 videos and 500 concerts, Hilight Tribe are true innovators with their electro-instrumental sound which fuses guitar, bass, drum set, voice, congas, djembe, didgeridoo as well as other string and percussion instruments from all over the world.
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