Vlokken (foto)
NaamIan Dunlop & Christopher Begley
Functie1 × DJ, groep
The duo of Ian Dunlop and Christopher Begley are at the forefront of house music in Northern Ireland, having shared the same music tastes for quite some time and sharing their love for the electronic dance scene the pair got together and Vlokken was born. After firmly slotting themselves into the Techno community as the Dj duo Vlokken the future is looking very bright for the Irish duo.

Having hit the ground running in 2015 the pair seen their “Rich Slave” EP being snapped up by Arjun Vagale for his label “Maktub Music” and receiving huge support from a range leading artists. Having spent a lot of time in the studio perfecting their unique sound it is clean to see that they have their fingers firmly on the pulse.
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Laatste optreden was op dinsdag 18 augustus 2015: Techno Tuesday, Sugar Factory, Amsterdam
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