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foto Da Candy
FunctieDJ, live act, MC, VJ
Genresclub, deephouse, dirty house, drum & bass, dubstep, early rave, eclectic, EDM, electro, electronica, eurodance, funk, goa, harddance, hardhouse, hardstyle, hardtechno, hardtrance, house, IDM, indie, jump, liquid drum & bass, lounge, mellow, oldschool, progressive trance, psytrance, punk, rave, raw hardstyle, trance, tribal house
DJ Da Candy is The Hottest International Female DJ, Maxim magazine model, producer, singer, MC, dancer. The entertainer, who burns up the dance floors all over the world.

Mashing up electro, house, pop, hip hop, dub step, dirty house in her sets with her microphone skills - Da Candy makes real fire on the stage and the hottest performance.

DJ Da Candy knows how to make crowd lose control and get crazy on the dance floor. DJane started her carrier as a dancer and MC. Being international DJ since 3 years, having professional microphone skills ,10 years of dancing career, performances at the best night clubs as a R'n'B singer all these makes her shows really smashing crazy and top hot.
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Party agenda Da Candy
Laatste optreden was op zondag 21 oktober 2018: Forestland Afterparty, Luminaa, Amsterdam
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Geweldig mooie vrouw die verrotte goed draaien en mixen kan.­