Onepack (foto)
NaamGilles De Bruyne
Genreshouse, techhouse
Onepack, better known as Gilles De Bruyne, was born on the second of June, 1993. He grew up near Ghent, but spent a lot of time with his grandparents near the Belgian coast. At the age of 7, Gilles attended some music classes, but it wasn't really his cup of tea, so after a couple of boring Saturdays, he quit. He loved music, but not the sort of music everyone enjoys.

At the age of 9, a new chapter began for Onepack, who's father had been a DJ as well. Gilles discovered his dad's old turntables and crates full of vinyl records. He started experimenting and his father taught him the basics. After a couple of months, Gilles started enjoying playing records and mixing songs, but this was only the beginning.
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Laatste optreden was op zaterdag 24 juni 2017: Sunrise Festival, Lilse bergen, Lille
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