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FREAQUENCY" aka Simon De Cock is a 19 year old Dj from Gent, Belgium..

As a little boy, he always was very interested in music and at the age of 15, he decided to accomplish his dreams.

Freaquency started as a DJ – duo together with Gilles De Bruyne, nowadays known as Onepack. They practiced a lot and they won some dj contests. In 201, they each decided to go their own ways..

After a great year with a lot of gigs he entered, and won, 'MNM start 2 dj ', a DJ – contest on one of the biggest radio stations in Belgium. This was really his breakthrough! He got he's own radio show and lots of bookings…

The next year he played over one hundred gigs..
In the meantime, Freaquency became a well-known name in the Belgium nightlife.
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