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foto Beatfrost
NaamStephane Dudzinki
Genreshardcore, industrial hardcore
Stephane Dudzinki, aka Beatfrost, is a Hardcore dj & producer from Lyon, France. He starts mixing on vinyl turntables in a Techno/HardTech style and quickly turns to the Drum'n Bass/Tech Step scene attracted by the energy and the technical aspect of this kind of music with higher bpm .
Although he is a fan of Hardcore, he begins to perform as a Drum'n Bass dj in eastern France (Metz - Nancy - Strasbourg) with his first stage name, DJ- Ridoo. He has a monthly residency at the Terminal Export club in Nancy and another one in L'Araignée Au Plafond club in Metz. He organizes the "Jungle Mood" parties every month with his collective EurodB created with Zvanko, a DnB/BreakBeat dj in Nancy...
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Laatste optreden was op zondag 7 mei 2017: Beatfrost Bday Bash, Gotham, Lyon
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