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NaamJacquo Freijser
Geboortedatum15 juli


Dj Wacko started his career at very young age. He was playing with records at many high school partys. At the age of 18 he started to enjoin the Dj mixchampions. With a lot of scratching and backspinning. He even became on the Third place by the champioship of 'avro's 3 maal doordraai, With Dj Robin Albers. Then started the nineteens with a lot of new house! But he came back near 2005, with the new style. He created the early jump style with a mix of the OLD-SKOOL sounds and became a ressident Dj @ Orion. Where he played with famous Dj 's like, Dj Yves, Darkraver, OCD,. He started with his first own House-party, PULL-OVER! Begin 2008 he started to like more and more a sound with many influence off Tech-latin and electro House...

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Laatste feest was op zaterdag 18 januari 2020: I am Des Santos, Breezze, Vierpolders
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29 september 2018
Foto's, Puur Dance, 29 september 2018, Klein Scheveningen, Lopikerkapel
13 januari 2018
Foto's, Puur Dance, 13 januari 2018, Winkel van Sinkel, Utrecht