NaamEmilio Behr
FunctieDJ, producer
Every day the future of Justin Mylo is getting more bright. Ever since the summer of 2015 his name shows up in line-ups of party's like Multiply Ibiza and Don't Let Daddy Know. Music has always been Justin Mylo's biggest passion. He never doubted that music was the one thing that was going to bring him happiness in the future. Seven years ago he started to play at local clubs and later on he discovered that he also had a passion and even a talent for producing. Even though Justin Mylo is only 19 years old, his killer beats, resulted from his massive producing talent, are blown out of the speakers at venues all over the world.
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Laatste feest was op zondag 20 oktober 2019: Messin' Around, Jimmy Woo, Amsterdam
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Amber de Vries
love him
Scozi [Da Costa]
dikke plaat met martin garrix!