Demon Cabbage (foto)
NaamDemon Cabbage
HerkomstVerenigd Koninkrijk
Genresdrum & bass, jungle, UK bass
Often billed an unsung hero for being a key player in pushing many genres and artists over the years in the electronic scene, Demon Cabbage's roots come from the underground electronic music scene, when he was taken under Shitmat's wing at 18 to be involved with the running of the now defunct legendary and notorious Wrong Music record label/crew! Famous for its mad party's, party antics and pushing many up and coming artists to the forefront of today's scene, with its unusual "No holds barred" policy on its nights and releases. The label and club nights folded early 2011 after enjoying many successful years and a world wide following!
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Laatste optreden was op donderdag 15 maart 2018: BangFace Weekender, Pontins, Southport
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