Praslesh (foto)
NaamFlorin Cunțan & Rareș Ionuț Iliescu
FunctieDJ, groep
Praslea, Florin Cunțan
Raresh, Rareș Ionuț Iliescu
Just a simple anagram ?
We really don't think so !
After many years of playing together in the club and in the studio, Praslea and Raresh decided to unveil their own Praslesh project.
The Understand 002 was the first of many releases to come.
In the meantime, they have been working a few remixes here and there, their mix of Dave's Gerald proving to be quite a hit.
If you enjoy their productions you should know their back 2 back is already a classic.
It first happened here, in our own yard, and now they are all over the place !

Just like a diamond that needs a little polish, they started this new adventure when the time was right.
And we were there.
Always been, always will.
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May I ask what kind of music you play? The genres are important for me to know.≠
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