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foto Junior Kenna
Genreship hop, reggae
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  • JR Kenna
Reggae/Hiphop artist 'E.ll.o aka Junior Kenna' is a young talented Dutch native, raised by Surinam and Indonesian parents. From an early age on he was inspired to get involved in music by his mum, uncles, cousins and father (Ken Dread) who are all performing artists for many years.

By the early 2000's he developed his voice and writing skills and soon started performing and recording his unique style on excisting riddims from various established reggae/dancehall artists.

Around the same time his older brother 'Row' started the Dutch Hiphop group 'Bludline' together with mutual friends 'J-Lexx' and 'Problems'. It didnt took long for 'Junior' to join the group.
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