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Genresbreaks, dubstep, grime


STYLE: Dubstep/Breaks SHOW: Sundays 1-3pm TALES: M2J began DJ'ing back in 1999, he soon started plying his trade at local events and house parties in the area. Due to his musical upbringing ( I used to share a room who are 4 and 7 yrs older than me respectively, hence being one of the only 8yr olds who used to listen to Drum and Bass and Hardcore back in 91) M2J always lent towards the darker side of music. It was his time at College that he then met Funky P and MC Remedy of Essentials fame, who soon had the young Disk Jockey spinning the black circles for the Essentials, This musical relationship continued 2 ½ years as M2J brought the pressure on such stations as WORLD DANCE RADIO.COM / SILK ROOMS 94.0fm and FLASHBACK 97.6fm...

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Laatste feest was op zaterdag 24 mei 2014: SUB.FM 10 years of Bass, OT301, Amsterdam
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