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A fine red wine or whiskey has to age for a long time; this is not necessarily the case with a good DJ because David Nicolas is living proof of that! Talent, a sense of timing, and a steady hand for the right record at the right moment. These are essential conditions for sets worthy of the name; the DJs build up the mood and, in doing so, determine the success or failure of a party. It goes without saying that David Nicolas has these abilities otherwise he would hardly be a member of mono! After all, the high quality sound, the friendly tone within the family and the outstanding good audience, are all points he mentions in response to the question what is mono and what makes it unique for him.

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Laatste feest was op zaterdag 21 februari 2015: Nick Curly, Bunte Bummler, Xandru, Loft Club, Ludwigshafen
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