foto Tanukichi
FunctieDJ, live act
Genreshappy hardcore, tekno


Native from Japan. After becoming the Street Fighter champion at the age of 10, he started to strum the guitar with his father.Years later, he became a walking menace of a guitarist on local Hardcore bands from the age of 15 to 20.With the multitude of distortion beat wave sounds, he began to focus more towards the Electronic music thrills. As he experienced free parties he discovered techno sounds.Pure bass vibrations hit throughout his body and the waves of enlightenment hit him where he saw daylight.
In 2006, he went to first Teknival in Japan with Ndendeki and met Mat Weasel Busters...

1 waardering

Following Tanukichi a long time really love his own music and listen often his mixes.. at U cant stop the rave 11-01-2020 his set was the best of them all.. :banana: