Kong (foto)
NaamKoen Galle
Genreshouse, techno
Kong has a radio show on FM Brussel in which no nonsense house is the basic ingredient. Together with Gratts he compiles housemusic on 22tracks.com, which is a musical platform coming from Amsterdam, conquering Brussel, Paris and London on the way of including 22 cities all over the world. He is a regular at RBMA Radio and (since this autumn) at Studio Brussel. He played various house parties around the country, having played Fuse, Libertine/Supersport, Recyclart, Cat Club, Mr. Wong, Nachtlawaai (Ghent), Nachtwerk (Sint-Truiden), Beursschouwburg, Feiern (Antwerp), Social Club (Leuven), Forest Festival, Deep In House,...
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