Essentials (foto)
NaamKevin Snijder & Niels Blikman
FunctieDJ, groep
Leeftijd4 - 5
Genresclub, dancehall, dirty house, dub, electro, hip hop, house, latin, merengue, moombahton, progressive, r&b, reggaeton, salsa, trap, urban, zouk
partyflock Essentials (5 jun 2013)
Somewhere in the beginning of 2013 two friends decided to join forces. Both loving house music.. Essentials was born!

Essentials aka Kevin Snijder and Niels Blikman had the will to get out the best with their collaboration. Niels was already Dj-ing for a while and Kevin experimented a lot with making latin house music. Niels was mainly playing urban and house music at the time when he met Kevin at a local club. Kevin has got already three releases on his name and is going strong with his tracks and well known edits.

Essentials got the target to play at the biggest house party's all over the world.

Essentials is ready…. Is the world ready for the Essentials?

Stay tuned..
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