Distūrbe (foto)
NaamMithras Cabolet & Zamba-Jan Bakana
FunctieDJ, groep
Zamba, Zamba-Jan Bakana
Distûrbe, a DJ Duo from The Hague consisting of Zamba-Jan Bakana and Mithras Cabolet. In the beginning of April 2012, after having experienced many parties in the deephouse, tech-house and techno scene they have dicided to start as DJ's themselves. About half a year later they had their first gig in "Het Paard'' in The Hague and were asked to come back every last Thursday of the month. After playing there for a couple of times Mithras and Zamba decided to take tings more seriously. In April 2013, they came up with the name Distûrbe. The first time they reiceved exposure to a greater public was during a radio show on Deep FM called "Pro Technive".
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