The Hard Way (foto)
NaamJason Khonen, Maxim Anokhin & Gareth de Wijk
FunctieDJ, live act, groep
Bong-Ra, Jason Khonen
Limewax, Maxim Anokhin Olegovytsj
Thrasher, Gareth de Wijk
Genresbreakcore, drum & bass
A mammoth collab between Limewax, Bong-Ra and Thrasher. Collisions from the worlds of Drum and Bass and Breakcore, which was firstly intended as a tour, but transformed itself into one of the most gruesome collabs of this century. Dirt, filth and all other guttural horrors mixed to produce the most disgusting audio perversions.

Armed with an arsenal of breakbeats, hardcore kicks, pounding guitar riffs and distorted vocals, The Hard Way are one of the few live acts to really capture the pure rawness of Punk with the power of Electronics. There is no fancy bullshit or political message, just an explosion of energy and power. Pushing the limits of provocation, musically and visually.
The Hard Way - The Hard Way · 25 maart 2014
Rock en punk tegenover drum and bass, hardcore en breakcore. Totaal verschillende werelden, die nu door de duivelse mannen van The Hard Way worden samengebracht.
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Party agenda The Hard Way
Laatste optreden was op zaterdag 17 december 2016: PRSPCT XL, Factory 010, Rotterdam
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