NaamLuiz Plein & Tim Brussel
FunctieDJ, groep
Genresdeephouse, techhouse, techno
partyflock Buurman&Buurman (28 aug 2018)
Vroegere namen
  • Buurman & Buurman, tot 22 september 2019
The story of Relativ starts at a supermarket in Utrecht, Holland. It was here the former Buurman & Buurman duo, Luiz and Tim, met while both working there. Their mutual love for electronic music is what brought them together and what has kept them together ever since. At that time, around 5 years ago, Luiz was already dj-ing; something Tim had always wanted to do as well. So Luiz taught him how to. And while mastering these skills, the two hit it off like a house on fire and decided to form a dj-duo (Buurman & Buurman). From then on, not only would they regularly play at clubs like Basis (Utrecht) and Chicago Social Club (Amsterdam), but Luiz and Tim were already producing their own tracks too...
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