NaamAmir Alexander
Geboortedatum21 september
HerkomstVerenigde Staten
A DJ since 93. A Producer since 98. A true student of the music/culture. Amir founded Vanguard Sound in February 2006. After making his presence felt in the Chicago club scene via a meteoric rise culminating a Dj watch feature in Chicago's 5 magazine, he completely disappeared and went beneath the underground to focus solely on advancing his production skills. Soon after linking up with G. Marcell and Hakim Murphy he began to release gritty tracks that have been charted and played by underground DJ's worldwide. His fourth release was the sleeper classic "Experience EP" a 4 tracker with Amir on side a, and G. Marcell on side b. Encouraged by the feedback, Amir then submitted tracks to New York city's Plan B Recordings...
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