The Wishmaster
19 juli 2013
NaamFulvio Stramaccioni
Functie169 × DJ, 6 × live act, producer
Lid van groepenDisobey Army & DT6
HerkomstItalië 🇮🇹
Genresdarkcore, hardcore
AffiliatieDisobey Records


Leaving no soul unturned, The Wishmaster is a valuable addition to the Italian hardcore movement. His sound is fresh, his skills as a performer proven with ease. Now get ready for the next level!

With his mystical and devious alter-ego, The Wishmaster is actually a pretty down to earth person. Letting his music do the talking, Fulvio Stramaccioni has been going strong ever since his debut release. It was the year 2000, the Italian hardcore scene was booming at full volume and suddenly The Wishmaster name appeared on D-Boy Records. The 10-inch 'Let's run riot' did indeed run a riot and earned Fulvio a resident spot at the infamous Gheodrome club in Rimini, Italy. After years of playing at underground raves in Rome, The Wishmaster finally found his momentum! It didn't take long before he crossed Europe and beyond to make his appearance at raves like Defqon1, Masters Of Hardcore and Ground Zero.

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Laatste optreden was op zaterdag 1 juli 2023: Ruhr-in-Love, Olgapark, Oberhausen

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19 april 2014
Foto's, Hardshock Festival, 19 april 2014, Wijthmenerplas, Zwolle
25 maart 2011
Foto's, The Third Movement, 25 maart 2011, Factory 010, Rotterdam
19 september 2009
Foto's, Intoxicated, 19 september 2009, Sporthallen Zuid, Amsterdam
6 juni 2009
Foto's, Hardcore4life, 6 juni 2009, Maassilo, Rotterdam
1 december 2007
Foto's, Nosferatu, 1 december 2007, Maassilo, Rotterdam
3 februari 2007
Foto's, Beter kom je niet, 3 februari 2007, HappydayZZ, Culemborg
31 december 2003
Foto's, I Hate Trance, 31 december 2003, De Waakzaamheid, Koog aan de Zaan

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hardcore 4ever
hardcore Italia
Dr Darkness
My Mood is REAL RUDE:respect::RESPECT:
No Skinny Bitches:respect:
D-Fact | 50 %Noise­making Criminals | TN
master producer!!!
Back Forever!!!!!! :respect: wat een ongelooflijke ragplaat!
Wishmaster sound is fantastic!!(Y) and a great set @ Earthquake Festival!
Get Out My Way / Back Forever / Can't Stop Me :respect:
hele lekkere platen en tracks
Freakandel Speciaal
Fulviooooooooooooooooo Taking overrrrrrrrrrrrr !!! :respect:
Owww My God!! My New No1 Dj :respect:
Very Awesome @ Promo!!!!!
Dude you made the ground shake during promo event :)
No Skinny Bitches :respect:
hey man , good stuff you make :) see you at promo
(y) dj moet meer draaie op grote feesjes
vette set op bassfase :p
Martijn van Langen
lekkere sound :respect:
Storage aka Opslag 8)
Red Tales From The White Widow _0_
Mike' D
Very nice productions and a good DJ :respect:
nou, opzich... :9
Punanski 8)
The Wishmaster was very good at Underground Distortion :D
Fulvio my friend rocks!!
feesje met the wishmaster is altijd goed!!!!

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The Wishmaster komt ook naar Friesland :D We Zullen zien wat hij ervan kan bakken!
Ik heb alle vertrouwen in deze TOP producer :respect:
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Uitspraak van Punanski 8) op donderdag 4 januari 2007 om 13:57:
The Wishmaster komt ook naar Friesland We Zullen zien wat hij ervan kan bakken!
Ik heb alle vertrouwen in deze TOP producer

Producen kan ie zeker idd! :D Ik ga em bij tommyknockers B-day zien! :respect:
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Artiest Foltergeist
Wishmaster was dik op Tommyknocker B-Day :cheer:
bass in ya face!
Still Fuck Up :respect:(y)
lekker naar Italië bellen O:) :9
The WishmasteeeeeeeeeeeeeeRRRRRRRR ya ruleeezzzzzz
Kom naar Belgieeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!
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Een van de beste Producers van ut moment.

laatste aanpassing
one of the best and a fucking great hit HE DJ supreme shit

Fight! :bounce:
pump up the pressure :respect:
Style, The Meaning of House en Fight!
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Re-Style - Busted Choir (Wishmaster Remix) :lief:
The meaning of house :respect:
wat een producties,Fight! Pump up the presure:P
Uitspraak van Tim op zondag 29 juni 2008 om 13:17:
Re-Style - Busted Choir (Wishmaster Remix)

Get Out My Way / Back Forever :respect:
Re-Style - Busted Choir (Wishmaster Remix)

Artiest {SHOWLIST artist 54231, 56851}
de hele Back Forever e.p. is gruwelijk vet heb um gelijk gekocht
Pffff die nieuwe van je heerlijke melodieen (L) Gun In Tha Club.....
Now we've come to the ultimate shit
I am the original crowd motivator
Let there be, hardcore!

Silence surrounds me :respect:
Can't Stop Me :respect:!!
En natuurlijk Busted Choir (Wishmaster remix) :kwijl:
Yeah that's the way: do what the record say! :woep:
laatste aanpassing
Don't get carried away, do what the record says _O_ .
Great tracks man, looking forward to Dominator :).
voor het eerst eens gehoord op N1 2008, vet eigen stijltje toch wel B)
red thales of the white widow ( apart nummer maar echt (y):D)
Fuck you skinny, anorexic, bulimic motherfuckers!
Skinny woman are evil and they need to be destroyed, baby!
haha, wat een Geniaal nummer is dat:P

The Wishmaster - No Skinny Bitches
laatste aanpassing
Nice productions :bounce:
Still haven't checked you out as a Dj..
Artiest {SHOWLIST artist 77019, 77596}
If you need a miracle tonight, just DANCE!!!