29 november 2014
Functie47 × MC
Leeftijd40 – 41
HerkomstNederland 🇳🇱
Ook herkend als
  • JNM The Naked MC


In the magical year of 1983, the Summerchild of Surinamese descent now known as J.N.M. the Naked MC, claimed her place on Planet Earth.

JNM is a born performer who at the early age of 5 already knew she felt at home in the spotlight. Dancing and singing in front of the mirror used to be a daily routine. Nowadays this ritual hasn't changed much, tho the mirror has been replaced by the stage.

As a kid she wrote short stories, poems and songs. The R&B flow from late 80's and 90's has had a major influence on Jennifer's work.

At the age of 15 she joined an open mic session for the first time. After hearing her own voice through the mic she knew for sure that this was her true love. So she kept writing and performing her poetry. Nowadays JNM is a well-known performer and hostess in the poetry and partyscene.