Eno-C (foto)
NaamNathalie Fransen
Lid van groepDames Draaien Door
Genresdeephouse, electro, progressive, techhouse
SiteSite eno-c.com
BoekingenSite damesdraaiendoor.com
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But when the gorgeous Eno-C steps up at the DJ-Booth, onlookers and listeners
generally agree that she knows how to please the eyes and ears of the crowd. The native Dutchwoman has been a
successful model around the world and established herself as everybody's darling in the international house scene.
After her classic and modern ballet education the young Nathalie Enochina was spotted by a model scout and won a
big model contest. Ten years after she has worked for many big names around the world like Versace, Gucci or Escada.
While modeling, she discovered her love for house music, bought some records, got caught by the DJ bug and from
there on her skills developed quickly...
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Laatste optreden was op zaterdag 9 december 2017: Brainwash, Escape Club, Amsterdam
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