foto D
Genresbreakbeat, happy hardcore, hardcore, hardstyle, hardtrance, hip hop, house, r&b


Music is an expression, music is an art. For many people this rings true, but never more so than for the lyricist MC D.

Cutting across genre's whether it be R&B, Hip Hop, Hard Trance, Hardstyle, Happy Hardcore, Breaks, House, D prides himself on the fact that no matter what the style of music is, he's able to step up and command the microphone like no other. One look at D on stage, it's obvious that it's more than just emceeing, it's a release. What sets D apart from any other emcee is his ethic, "all I want to do is just jump up there and treat the crowd to something special." D does that and more as many will attest to, here and abroad.