Koen Schepens (foto)
NaamKoen Schepens
Functielive act
Genresminimal, progressive, techno
partyflock keon (7 jan 2015)
As long as he can remember, Koen has had a total disinterest in music. When way too old he started making techno despite his great aversion to electronic music.

He started producing under great pressure of his environment, who stated that making music is the best way for a stable base salary and has the best career opportunities. He therefore had to wave his longlife passion (to work as an office clerk) goodbye.

His shortage of talent is something Koen is very proud of and is beyond compare. Very few other artist were able to create such uninspired crappy techno music.

Koen's songs are currently not played by great artists like James Holden, Nuno dos Santos and Gabriel Ananda. Nor are they played by any other DJ.
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