NaamChris Hughes & Hansel Almeida
FunctieDJ, producer, groep
Leeftijd7 - 8
In 2010 their story began...

Two separate identities were forged together with their love for raw and energetic sounds.

Since their alliance, The Strangerz (Chris Hughes and Hansel Almeida) have become a steady fixture on some of the largest and most prestigious hard dance events across their homeland of Australia; from the outdoor wonderland of Defqon 1 Australia right through to becoming residents on the dark and heavy stage of Masif Saturdays, which has entered into the Top 5 Hardstyle clubs in the world.
The Strangerz have supported some of the biggest Hardstyle acts such as Alpha Twins, E-Force, Frequencerz, Toneshifterz, The Prophet, Radical Redemption and plan to demolish the stage with many more.
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DJ Hyperactive
Loved your set on Defqon! :D