The Ghost Riderz (foto)
NaamKevin Ziegenhagen, Genghis Gossin & Markus Pattison
FunctieDJ, live act, MC, groep
Garwis, Genghis Gossin
M-Ckay, Markus Pattison
Skipper, Kevin Ziegenhagen, partyflock Syphon Van De Kaart
HerkomstZwitserland Verenigd Koninkrijk Mauritius
Genresearly hardstyle, hardcore, hardstyle, raw hardstyle
Gekoppelde leden (zichtbaar voor beheerders)
"THE GHOST RIDERZ" an energetic trio composed by Swiss artists Garwis, Skipper & M-Ckay, with the super-power to reverse the dancefloor with their ability to combine different sounds from the harddance stage.

Whether hardstyle "reverse bass" or with the most animal's hardcore, The Ghost Riderz know sampling, dosing, mixing and send you many dynamic rhythms with a accurate, efficient and clean sound. With the explosive voice of their MC, this combination is the perfect cocktail to blast a dancefloor.

This original artistic performance make each show a moment of pure madness!
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