NaamWesley Texel
Genresdancehall, electro, house, r&b, urban
partyflock djwaxfiend (12 mrt 2015)
"WaxFiend the champion you see!"
A sample that is heard frequently throughout WaxFiend's notorious sets. This DJ from Amsterdam quickly became one of Europe's most sought after DJ's. Combining music from genres like Dancehall, HipHop, House, R&B, Dubstep & Pop he created a unique sound and is ready to rock any crowd, anywhere any time!

He has opened up shows for artist's like Rihanna, Sean Paul, Ludacris and Jagged Edge and collaborated with a-list dancehall artist's such as Busy Signal, Assassin, Gappy Ranks and many more on mixcd projects.
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Party agenda WaxFiend
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