FunkinEven (foto)
NaamSteven Tony Julien
Lid van groepFunkinevil
HerkomstVerenigd Koninkrijk
Genresacid, disco, funk, house, techno
Steve Tony Julien, aka FunkinEven, is a London-based music producer whose rich appreciation, and masterful ear, for music has been cultivated throughout his life.
West Indian black, and Arawak Indian, in origin, Steve's initiation into music began at an early age. Exposed to the sounds of Reggae, Soul Boogie and House, thanks to his families eclectic musical tastes, Steve grew-up absorbing a diverse range of musical genres, elements of which are now notably influential in his own recordings.
Some might say Steve was genetically predisposed to music, hailing from a bloodline of musical innovators...
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