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NaamIris Menza


Varying repetitive beats, wondrous minimalistic themes and a strong bass line – Iris Menza is bringing home tech-house/ techno's most exhilarating dance tracks.

Raised in the proximity of Belgian's metropolis Antwerp and aroused by the atmosphere created by underground club-DJs Iris Menza got drawn to the DJ-booth. Playing as a resident afterclub-DJ only a few months later to performing on Tomorrowland's stages proves her persistence.

Iris' sets, influenced by record labels such as Rekids, Dame Music, Token, Trapez, Moan, Kote Records, Kompakt, Lazerslut, Frucht, 1Trax, draft, Ostgut Ton and many more, lead to inspiring explorations of tech-house and techno' finest productions, thus creating an atmosphere some adherents describe as "magical".

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An &­ Jan - www.­ibiz4.­com
Top! Deze dame weet echt hoe je heerlijk vette tech house moet spelen! Meermaals mogen bewonderen in La Rocca of andere top feesten! GRRR! :-)

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TOP ! en daarbij nog een heeeeeeel heeeeeel mooie dame ! (L)