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Functielive act, DJ, zangeres, MC
Genresclub, electro, house, latin, lounge, techhouse
partyflock Kate Orange (23 nov 2015)
Kate Orange is an electro pop singer producer and one of that new generation of DIY artists. Her music is inspired by late 80's and 90's.
'When I was a child and a teenager music always played at our home. My father played guitar and I pop-up at the stage for the first time with him when I was 5. We had a cool audio system at home and listened to Sade, Michael Jackson, later Kylie Minogue, Queen, Pink Floyd, who inspired me a lot and mainly these artists were my music teachers together with the classic music education".
In the period from 2001 to 2006 Kate participated in vocal contests in Ukraine which she mostly won. In her native city Kherson Kate even got special award: 'The Golden voice of Kherson"...
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Laatste optreden was op vrijdag 14 februari 2014: Red Oktober, Noxx, Antwerpen
29 juni 2013
Foto's, Salinas, 29 juni 2013, Vroeger, Bloemendaal aan zee
28 januari 2012
Foto's, House Religion, 28 januari 2012, Inc. Avenue, Vlaardingen
10 september 2011
Foto's, House Religion, 10 september 2011, Inc. Avenue, Vlaardingen
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behind the scenes
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Mooi dame.­ En maakt ook gooie music
Q & M
Dit hear you @­ BITCH, you were GREAT!!!! Thx xx
(k) ssshhh (k)
Gisteren tijdens B.­I.­T.­C.­H.­ was ze de openingsact.­ Zonde ze zou meer tot haar recht komen later op de avond.­

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Tofwijf en super aardig, mag dr wel! (Y)
Our Lady Gage from the Oekraine...­and more...­see her perform, listen to hear songs and mixes and loose your heart...­4ever!!
Keep on the good work Kate, it's a matter of time...­
Zij heeft zo lekker geknald afgelopen zaterdag bij Crystal Venue tijdens Love & Respect!

:respect: :respect:
zo heerlijk die kan ff lekker knallen !!