foto Jack Parow
NaamZander Tyler
Functie11 × DJ, rapper
Genresbreakbeat, dubstep, electro, hip hop


Thirty years ago, Zander Tyler was born in Parow, Cape Town. Today he is known as Jack Parow, the dangerous romantic Afrikaans rapper. Contrary to popular belief, his wild-fire success did not happen overnight. Jack started out rapping with crews from the Cape Flats and has been at it for nine years.

He studied to be a mechanic, but had to take jobs like packing fish in Cape Town harbour and allocated graves for the Cemetery Division of the Cape Town municipality to support his rap habit. Performing only for a beer and pizza soon changed, when his collaboration with Die Heuwels Fantasties on the track, Die Vraagstuk, put him in the limelight.

Uitgaansagenda Jack Parow

Laatste feest was op zaterdag 23 november 2019: Parowfest, TivoliVredenburg, Utrecht

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