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foto The Punisher
FunctieDJ, 30 × live act
Lid van groepvroeger: Insane Dj Mafia
Leeftijd32 - 33
Genresfrenchcore, industrial hardcore, terror
Originary from the departement of Ain in France,The Punisher,born in 1986,begins mixing at the age of 16. During his workstage he changes different music styles. In 2002 when he moves to Péron,he meets MALASSTRASH who'll make him discover Hardcore and who presents him HORNY,member of the of the old and well well known team from Haute Savoie "HARDCORE ZONE". When he became 18 he began to mix in Geneva parties and in French free parties.

His young age and his skills astonish a lot of djs and gabbers. Nowadays he's into dirty industrial style with distortion kick and trash vox.

The Punisher is pushing industrial and darkcore to new levels to an ever growing fanbase. Keep an eye on this guy !
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Party agenda The Punisher
Laatste optreden was op zaterdag 19 oktober 2019: Footworxx, La Fabrik - Herstal, Luik
5 waarderingen
Valentouz :bounce:
bof bof, mais j'te kiff quand même enfoiré :p
Brilliant @­ Dominator 2014;­ best set I have ever heard on a party (since 2001)!!!
awesome set @ the qontinent yesterday! :)
You rocked at Hardshock last week! (Y)
Respect voor deze man en zijn producties!

5 opmerkingen

Punisher from DHM label is from France
Cybercoin Records :D
Respect voor deze man en zijn producties!
Your set at The Qontinent was fucking awesome :cheer: