Mitchell Niemeyer (foto)
NaamMitchell Niemeijer
Some people have nothing, some just have it all. When people hear the name Mitchell Niemeyer the response to this musical talent is almost as amazed as to his appearance. Being a former model and now one of Holland's new breed of top DJ's the sun of success will be shining his way for some time if he keeps up this way.
He found out that music was a big part of him as a person. It kept calling him and he responded. Being a DJ/producer makes him express himself even more as a person. And eventually that's what everybody wants in this world, to be seen, respected, loved, noticed and heard. Mitchell was always around house music because his manager and close friends are big promoters in Holland...
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Laatste optreden was op zaterdag 11 november 2017: It's Showtime, Rodenburg, Beesd