foto I See
NaamDamien Slinger
FunctieMC, DJ, live act
AliasI See Live
Lid van groepenCriminal PandaZ & Funrazors
Genresfreestyle, hardcore, hardstyle, oldschool, raw hardstyle
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Damiën started his year strong in 2013.
When he was doing some gigs in Spain, Dj Goliath (Dirty Workz) ask him to do some vocals on his next E.P.
They created Thrill Of The Kill & Insane which both scored pretty good in the Hardstyle scene and become
number #206 & #248 on the Hardstyle top2000 of 2013. Mc I See was a fact.

Soon after the release of the collabration he did with Goliath the request's flowing in. Damiën did collab after collab with artists like: Audiofreq, The Vision, Goliath, Dany BPM and many more.

Mc I See become a fact and hosted almost 100 party's in 2013. He hosted for artists like: Brennan Heart, Wildstylez, Radical Redemption, Crypsis, Frequencerz, Titan, Atmozfears, E-Force, Outbreak, Adaro, Digital Punk, B-Front, Luna, Pavo, Codeblack, Gizmo, Buzz Fuzz, Dano, Champ-e-on, The Viper, Rheeza, Dreamteam…

Mc I See is a really active Mc in the Hardstyle scene by doing great collabs and having this amazing positive and energetic performance on stage. He is unstoppable and definitely knows when to come hard and strong with his lyrics and vocals and when not to speak and spoil the moment. Damien played for a long time as a Dj as well so he has that feeling and chemistry that you look for.

This fella rocked along side with the biggest artist in the world and did great party's such as: Brennan Heart Evolution Of Style World Tour in Estonia Tallinn and become a resident for there Hardstyle party's, WeAre1 Club Cell delivered him a resident spot as well, Decade the Early/Oldschool party's another resident spot for this driven young Mc. Damien is ready to rock on the biggest festivals and party's and he's aiming for the big festivals this year.

Partyheads who seen this guy on stage know that he never get bored and always find a way to rock with the crowd
and not against it.

So the next question is: Are you ready!!!??? Like Mc I See always says: I See you soon
13 oktober 2018
Foto's, Magic Invites, 13 oktober 2018, De Vasim, Nijmegen

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Smoutert - MC The Gambler
ik vind hem super..­
Huffel Mokum

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Goed gedaan zaterdag ! wat een enthousiasme top !!!! X
hahaha,je was bang he !!! dat ik dat niet eerder had bedacht ....­maar zal het NOOIT meer doen.­ X
Hahaha stiekem een beetje wel tis namelijk nie de eerste keer dat ik naar beneden lazer! #­headfirst weet je nog hahaha x
ik zou een helm gaan dragen,levensgevaarlijk beroep !!!
#realtalk! Zou geen.kwaad kunnen nee ;)
hey thanks nogmaals voor het filmen en je was super !!!! see You next time
en helaas moesten van het terrein af..­ Dus de bak koffie hou je teGOED!!!!!!
Thanks!!! En wel jammer dat julle weg moesten, ik ook nog naar de aftherparty;)