Mad Professor (foto)
NaamNeil Joseph Stephen Fraser
Functielive act
HerkomstVerenigd Koninkrijk
Genresdub, reggae
The question is often asked, just how sane is The Mad Professor ?Judging by the contents of his character and by the results of his recordings, and the variety of the artistes who has passed through Ariwa studios then he is certainly one of the sanest producers around. Neil Fraser began his musical career on the technical side of things as a service engineer for mixing desks and amplifiers. That skill and a good ear for "on key" music became his asset when he began building a 4 track studio at his home in Thornton Heath. At school Neil was christened Mad Professor by friends who were amazed by the experiments he was carrying out. By the turn of the Eighties, Mad Professor launched the Ariwa label and released "Come back Again" by Sgt...
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