Tama Sumo (foto)
NaamKerstin Egert
Genreshouse, minimal, techhouse, techno
Boekingen viaSite ostgut.de
"Music is pure communication – stay in contact and follow your heart!"
Heart, emotion and passion instead of pure functionality – these are Tama Sumo's dj characteristics in a nutshell.
She started out in 1993 at the Drama bar in Berlin / Kreuzberg, one of the first bars to ever feature its own dj at the weekend and an important hang out for the scene before going to the clubs.
Besides, the Drama has been one of the few locations playing house music, when techno was dominating all the
other clubs and bars at that time. Tama Sumo used to play a lot of New York style vocal house and quickly became a regular DJ behind the decks at the gay saturdays at Café Moskau...
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Deze dame draait puur met vinyl, en dat vond ik zeer tof!!