Ricardo Silvio (foto)
NaamRicardo Bout
AliasRicardo Bout
Lid van groepThe 90's are Back DJ Team
Geboortedatum16 juli
Genreseclectic, house
SiteSite ricardosilvio.com
partyflock DJ Ricardo Silvio (7 jul 2012)
Ricardo Silvio (Ricardo Silvio Alexander Bout) is a house and eclectic DJ/producer, but most of all a musiclover. Born and raised in the Netherlands, with his roots at Indonesia. As a lil' boy he was already busy with music. When he met his first Technics SL 1200 in the early 90s, it was love at first sight. At a young age of 17 he was already spinning at the most popular local club (RockIt). That was the start of his career as a DJ.These days you will find him all over the place at the clubs, Dutch Islands, events and Festivals. Ofcourse aAlso as resident at the #1 Dutch nightclub "Club Noa" (voted 2 times in '09 & '10).
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