Tim Herfst (foto)
NaamTim Herfst
Genresdeephouse, house, techno
SiteSite timherfst.com
Tim Herfst (before known as Timothy Fall) is a energetic deep/tech DJ-producer from Holland with roots in the oldest city in Holland, Nijmegen.
Tim has been active in the house scene since 2005 as a promoter and dj. After visiting several of the clubnights & party's on offer in Holland he decided to organise his own events inspired by the non-stop party fever and his passion for house music. Feeling at home in the club atmosphere he fell completely in love with the music and began to buy vinyl records from the money he earned through his succesful nights. After a period of practise in his attic room, he felt it was time to get behind the decks in front of a crowd...
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