Submorphics (foto)
NaamGreg Axelrad
HerkomstVerenigde Staten
Genresdrum & bass, hip hop, soul
Submorphics (Greg Axelrad) has made his name with soul-drenched, deep, emotive, nostalgic yet forward-thinking music.

Tracks such as "Summer Soul", "Organ Grinder (Calibre Remix)", "Higher Ground ft. T.R.A.C", "Burning Love", "Long Been Gone", "The Divine ft. Jenna G" and 'Lost in the Lights ft. Christina Tamayo" have seen extensive play on BBC Radio 1, Apple Beats1 Radio and clubs worldwide.

Drawing on eclectic influences from his formative years in Detroit and Chicago, Submorphics' sounds have been heavily supported by a who's-who's list of A-list DJs, yielding praise from both sides of the Atlantic.
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Laatste optreden was op zaterdag 23 september 2017: Hospitality in The Park, Finsbury Park, London
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