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Laatste optreden was op zaterdag 18 april 2015: Magistraal, Magistrat, Den Haag
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Yv &­ Iv Productions

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Beach Party @ Whoosah
Zwartepad 66, Scheveningen
Starts at 20:00 till 2:00
Free Entrance
Line-up: Phil Weeks & IVANMARK
Guests: ABRANDIS!, Lion-X
Yv & Iv Productions - www.djivanmark.com

DJ/producer Phil Weeks is a house music purist. His mixing is old school Chicago with a nu-school French flare going from the deepest house to the techiest. His production sounds like it could have been released in the 90's partly because he uses the same gear - 808's, 909's, 606's, even vintage keys. He prefers vinyl, likes his mixes dirty, and knows how to rock a crowd with a heavy hitting bass line. Phil Weeks is a house purist dedicated to bringing the world only proper house music with his DJing, his producing and his label, Robsoul Recordings.
A true lover of house music, Phil Weeks' DJ career started 10 years ago. With skills comparable to the best and crowd-pleasing track selection it wasn't long before Phil Weeks became a major player in the house music scene. He's played some of the world's most renowned venues like Queen's Club, Circus, Ministry of Sound, Back to Basics, and Stereo. He also performed a lot with big names like DJ SNEAK
Ivan’s career started 9 years ago when he was introduced by his brother Randy who knows Maddy of Beach club Mecca (Scheveningen – The Netherlands). Beach club Mecca was ones set up and property by Dinand Woesthoff, the singer of the famous Dutch band 'Kane'. The beach club was organized as lounge club with an inconceivable quantity of old worn-out sofa’s and cushions. The terrace with camouflage stretched nets and, in evening time in the middle of the lounge-part, the fire gets high. Mecca was known by his Piracy & underground style that was one of the first Beach clubs that could expose the Ibiza atmosphere in Holland. From the speakers you could hear heavy sounds of the latest underground music.
Ivan is a fan of Bootsy Collins playing funky baselines on his bass guitar & the funky beat of the P-FUNK. The Groovy sexy sound was his inspiration. The end of the 80’s –beginning of the 90’s he discovered ‘Acid House’ in the legendary club Roxy in Amsterdam (later called House Music).

Ivan was known since 1998 as DJ IVANMARK and formed “The Groove Selectors” and “Mecca Dj-Team” when he was discovered in 2002 by Phillip Morris at Mecca.
Since then Phillip Morris booked him regularity for Dance Valley, Club Challenge and The Marlboro Masters.

On the 27th of July they will both perform at the big Beach Party @ Whoosah, Scheveningen, Netherlands
Welkom alle PartyFlockerzzz,

Op 15 maart is het zover.
IvanMark is terug van weggeweest.
Onze MECCA resident met o.a. Mecca DJ team & The Groove Selectors zal weer zijn sound laten horen op 15 maart in Club Silly Symphonies.
Samen met Jay Serrano zal deze avond the Old School HOUSY gooves de hoofdrol spelen.

Bij deze is iedereen uitgenodigd!
Be THERE en bring some positive attitude!

Line-up: IvanMark & Jay Serrano
Club Silly Symphonies
Grote Marktstraat 10, Den Haag
Entree gratis
Van 23:00 - 4:00