Norion (foto)
NaamGeert van Reeth
Leeftijd35 - 36
Genresgoa, psytrance
Boekingen viaSite
Geert van Reeth, better known as deejay Norion, was born in Antwerp in 1982 and from day one it was obvious he had music running through his veins. His love for music grew every day and he started his dj career in 2002. Because he had such a large collection of music by then, he was asked to play at many different parties and countries. Everybody noticed his natural musical feeling and the way the sounds were turned into one big flow by this multitalented deejay. Norion is known for his wide range of musical interests and his high level of technical insight. He can handle almost every style from groovy minimal and progressive to twisted night trance and of course his first love: heavenly melodic psychedelic trance.
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