NaamAlex Callier & Raymond Geerts & Noémie Wolfs
Genreseclectic, lounge
Hooverphonic's new album Reflection will be their 8th studio album. And this means that Alex Callier, Raymond Geerts and Noémie Wolfs are slowly but surely making a unique name for themselves in the Belgian and international music scene. Reflection is without doubt one of the most lively, energetic and up-tempo albums the band has ever made. And a return to analogue too. What we play, is what you get!

From A New Stereophonic Sound Spectacular in 1996 to Reflection in 2013. Up until now it had been a wild and eclectic ride for Hooverphonic. From triphop to strings, from psychedelic weirdness to bombastic orchestras. Forever on the move. Forever in search of a new sound with its own character. Timeless.
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