Le Tompé (foto)
NaamJens Tomaszewski
Genresdeephouse, house, nu disco
The genre of House music is the rhythm of Dj Le Tompe. He is one of the most booked DJs in East and Central Germany. His name stands for absolutely good House, Deep House and Nu Disco. Particularly interesting are the projects with various live artists. This singers Annika Pfeiffer, Jenny Casparius and Dressman and Saxophonist Jan Grepling are friends and part of projects such as SUN @ NIGHT, Le Dress - Le Tompe & Dressman or le Tompe feat. Jenny Casparius and Jan Grepling. Together they rocked many clubs, stages and events. Currently occurs Le Tompe often as a producer in the spotlight. Various Songs, Cover and RMXe can be found at the following Souncloud and Youtube links...
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Laatste optreden was op zondag 4 juni 2017: World Club Dome, Commerzbank-Arena, Frankfurt am Main
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