foto Jimmy Goldschmitz
NaamJimmy Goldschmitz
Lid van groepAbsolom
Genresdirty house, electro, groove, retro


Jimmy started his career in club Karrewiel in Hoeselt. Here he met Philip D (Cherrymoontrax / Starfighter), who introduced him into the addictive world of electronical music. Bitten by the virus he bought his first sampler and keyboard.

After completing his first demos he got in touch with Stefan Wuyts (Lasgo / Ian van Dahl / Leopold 3) who introduced Jimmy to his future co-producer Christophe Chantiz. Together they started the project "Absolom". Huge hits like Babyboomers en Secret were born. In 2001 Absolom won the TMF-award for "beste dance act". Jimmy also released a few solo-tracks and remixes for Lasgo and many more...

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