foto Redeyes
NaamJulien Salvi
Genresdrum & bass


Although France might be considered peripheral in the Drum & Bass scene, French producer Redeyes has consistently been on the forefront of the genre. Initially starting as a DJ, Julien Salvi soon found his way to the studio, fine-tuning his own blend of soulful music.
When his first album Poetry In Motion was released in 2008 his international booking schedule took off, and also gained Redeyes the approval of the most renowned people in the Drum & Bass landscape. Since then he has started working closely with Toulouse based imprint Vandal, releasing his second album Part Of Me in 2013 and more recently, his Memory Lane EP series...

Uitgaansagenda Redeyes

Laatste feest was op vrijdag 15 november 2019: Soul Patrol, Paard, Den Haag