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Genrescrossbreed, frenchcore, hardtechno, industrial hardcore
Jeroen Vrees also known as Azazel (Darker side) (akaDj Vreestyle) was born in Haarlem (the Netherlands) on the 7th of january 1978.
The famous tape series 'Turn up the bass' made him a house addict in the late 80's. When the separation came up and the even more famous 'Thunderdome' and 'Rave the City' sound were released, visiting these houseparties including 'Multigroove in the 'Elementenstraat' and the Legendary 'Hellraiser' in 'Sporthallen Zuid' were that awesome he started spinning records.

Spinning records started in 1995 at small local houseparties, but he wanted more and kept on spinning the harder styles. It all went bigger after the Millenium.
Vreestyle performed at parties all over The Netherlands eg. Dutch TT-Festival (Assen), Qlubtempo, Q-Base (Hemkade), Ravers Religion, Hellbound (Multigroove) Grunn gaat Los. Exorcism, Only Hardcore, Overstuurd and many more. Getting goosebumps of the crowd goin' wild, that's what it's all about. Mass rolling crowd!!
Azazel is the opposite of what DJ Vreestyle does. Darkcore / Crossbreed / Frenchcore are styles which he had to take this other alias for.

Video footage of performances is available on his official You-Tube channel. Live mixes and tracks on mixcloud and soundcloud.

Nowadays also producing hardcore, and all kinds of other styles. Collaborations are in progress. 'Cause there is always the everlasting kickdrum!!
After a silence of almost two years, due to various reasons, he started spinning and producing again.
Vinyl is dusted, and the riverside studio is ready, so you'd better be prepared!
Mixes (and later on tracks also) will bust your eardrums the next few years
For bookings please send an e-mail to
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lijkt me vetttt!! hoop je vaker onder deze alias te zien