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NaamDaniel & Arnd Reichow
FunctieDJ, groep
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Work-sharing is not uncommon with Techno duos. On the contrary, it is the rule rather than the exception. On the Techno scene this is only natural. One of the counterparts, with the right training, focuses on the professional record production output, while the extroverted one faces the raised fists of cheering fans on weekends and tries to relax with some quiet time on weekdays. Arnd Reichow, part of the duo Drumcomplex, has been an example of the second type all his life. Daniel, who holds a degree in sound engineering and who is also Arnd's brother, is an important support – privately as well as professionally. There could hardly be a better way to complement one another.
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Laatste optreden was op vrijdag 1 december 2017: 20 Jahre Butan, Butan, Wuppertal
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Chille gast, draait lekker (Y)
Jeroen-Theo (l) Techno
Dr. Lesterluv
Super lekker op Switch @ Stubnitz!!
nice job @ 8 BAHN!

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Oude rot in het dj vak ,en met zijn broer maakt hij echte dikke trax (o.a op Highland Beats)
kan iemand mij vertellen waar ik dit nummer kan aanschaffen ?


hij zit op 10 minuten in de ortin cam remix van i love techno 2006!

kan hem dus niet vinden en het is zon goddelijk nummer !