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NaamThomas Koch
Genreshouse, minimal, techno


In today's electronic music world there are not many artists who can lay claim to a legacy like that of DJ T. During a career spanning three decades he has not only injected every inch of his being into the music industry, traveling the length and breadth of the planet to spread his gospel, but he has also been responsible for setting up some of the most prominent platforms in the business and kickstarting the careers of numerous international stars. DJ T. has an unsurpassed depth of knowledge, an unrelenting passion for discovering and nurturing new talent and unflinching determination, which has been the catalyst behind a hugely influential career lasting over 25 years and counting…

Party agenda T.

Laatste feest was op zondag 5 juni 2016: Andhim & Superfriends, Dünnwald Waldbad, Keulen

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Mijn achternaamgenootje, HELD ! (L)
laatste aanpassing
Wil deze man echt keertje live zien, echt relaxte platen produceert hij!

Iemand trouwens enig idee hoe het nummer heet op 1:41:20 dat DJ T. hier draait?

Zóóó chill
Die ustream van T is wel nice !
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