Rico Suave (foto)
NaamDiego Jacobs
Genreseclectic, hip hop, r&b
Rico Suave is an Amsterdam born and raised DJ with a deep love for everything that is music.
With HipHop & R&B being the music he had always listnened to on his headphones, it is not a surprise that when he first started spinning these were the tracks he attacked the club with. His eagerness to keep improving himself lead to steady weekly bookings and residencys in some of amsterdams biggest clubs. It was during these gigs that he got in contact with a diversity of music styles, and that his love for these genres started to grow. While evolving from a stricktly urban to a truly eclectic DJ, HipHop & R&B remained his main weapons of choice, but during a set, you can expect everything from New Jack Swing to Deep House.
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Laatste optreden was op zaterdag 30 september 2017: Majestic Lounge, Prikkewater, Vlaardingen
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